Dabbing colors


Rising beauty

The following is a portrait of two nepali girls. acrylic in canvas. ~3 ft by 2 ft.

Okay, I admit it: Looks like I could make some good use with a grid next time.

Okay, if you guys know who this person is supposed to be, may be, I could make some use with a grid next time.. :p


Your Portrait

I pick some red and smudge it on,

On top of that yellow, bright and strong.

My hands scared see the brush dance along,

For orange is faint and weak to be done.

O’ some black, more in those (hair) creases,

Speak boldly with those eyes blue and deep.

I have use for black left over my brushes keep,

See how perfect shades it releases.

Now I walk back from you not very far,

To catch your hands and on top, that smile

upon your beautiful face, that curl so black

oh gosh, who knew, would throw a pile,

of love, to you my love, my star,

and all these dancing memories that come back.


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