Is Ferguson paying a price?


Although the Argentinean striker, Carlos Tevez’s contract is over with his “current” club-Manchester United, the question remains: Is Ferguson paying a price for Tevez’s dissatisfaction?

 Sir Alex Ferguson -the manager- did offer Tevez a new five-year deal that would have made him one of the highest-paid players at Old Trafford, but sad as it is for Manchester United fans, he turned it down. A recent statement from the club had Tevez’s advisor quoting that Tevez was not satisfied with how much he was playing. The final of the European Champions League between the Red Devils (Man. U) and the Spanish Giants (Barcelona) had Tevez put into the field as a second-half substitute, after an overall-discorded performance by the Barclay’s Premier League Cup holders in the first half. Tevez, nicknamed as ‘the lion’, indeed had his usual energetic spirits but did not get good chances against the Spanish Cup winners.

With already a record price of $131.5 million transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the world player of 2008, Manchester United might definitely have more money to buy soccer-stars. However, it remains a question to be answered if the Red Devils will be able to stroll pass its rivals up in the table as it did the last season, without its two of the best players the club ever had on pitch.