Guys, on a less serious note..

hah. So punny! (< Check out this link)


knowledge vs. imagination..

Just think: All the inventions are, more or less, fruition of curiosity and leaps of imagination that feasted on it. Once a curious mind has an idea working, we then get to learn and use it, get to KNOW about it. In this sense, imagination concocts a hunger for knowledge.

Naysayers and cynics might argue that it works the other way around: We need to know things before we can actually invent or discover new things. This is, in fact, not incorrect. We need to know what fails, and why things failed before we can come up with a solution that works. However, if one were to ponder on whether knowledge triumphs over imagination or not, what has to be kept in mind is that regardless of how much one knows, if there is no branch of imagination working on testing the knowledge on new fields and hypotheses, the knowledge is altogether limited. The world of nature, at that stage, stays stationary, if not retrogrades. Therefore, a better world is conceivable best at the expense of imagination, strong, beautiful or even queer at times.