let’s want a healthy mind, not just a healthy body..

1. Wouldn’t it be great to be free of all the commotions in our heads? Here, I am not saying I am an expert, but I definitely have meditation helping me a lot in this. Practice mindful meditation regularly in an effort to live the moment and not be dragged by the voices in our heads. Although I have friends who think watching 24 is more therapeutic, I would insist that you guys slowly dip your toes (if you don’t already) on this journey to mental tranquility. To all the critics or believers: Start here << An awesome TED Talk.

2. Well, how long has it been since you’ve had a good hearty laugh?! Of course, the internet if full of funny stuff. If you want proof, click here.

3. One word: Music. If you haven’t, try Spotify! There is, of course, the mother of all, youtube!

4. Two words here: friends and family. Do I need to say anything here..?

5. Hobbies are hot for life. We need them. Let’s pick a tennis racket today or a book to graze through under the shade of a tree.

6. Volunteer. Devote some time to helping others in any way feasible. It not only (potentially) help build lives, but also does help build character and self-esteem.

7. Optimism is the key. It might be cheesy to stress this point, but that’s how you can feast on your ‘happy hormone’ the best!


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