Crazy Zipper!

Jeans_zipper_closeupImagine yourself sitting in a box shaped like a giant whistle. You have your legs blocked by a sturdy strap, and you have bars to hang by all your might. The box, attached to a giant rod, can spin freely on its hinge. What happens when the giant rod starts spinning? Your nightmare!

Fumbani ( mi amigo, Mr. Mzuzu from Malawi) and I were crying loud enough to muffle every other  freight voiced similarly in other boxes. Never in my entire life had I felt so much of force; my back was completely  against the back of my seat, alright – but my belly was experiencing the g-force in agony after a while. Needless to say, this was making me feel as if I was being shot out, along with the box, into the space, far away.

But this was just a cast. I started really freaking out when the spin shared the frenzy with the g-force. One swift 360 up in the air – my hands clinging to the bars as strongly as my larynx was working – followed by another one – all while the things down below were zooming on and off. “Dinesh, make them stop. Make them stop”, Fumba said with his face hunched down, a mobile in his right hand recording our frenzy cries all along. “They are stopping”, I said and wanted to believe. But, whoop! every thing started spinning on the reverse, and then everything repeated again; “oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”, and ‘the reverse 360s’.


After we were out, Mr. Mzuzu stopped to record an outsider’s view of what we experienced. I looked at it too, with a weird sensation ringing in my gut. As I looked, all those whistle-shaped-boxes started spinning and moving along a rod spinning in itself-giving an impression of a giant zipper. As I feel my breath scathe my windpipe, I am thinking – obviously, the crazy zipper did everything to us, but zip our mouth shut.

As if it was not enough, we went for the ‘Orbitz’, which was as bad, if not worse than Zipper. We were experiencing the “fictional” centrifugal force, upto its maximum craziness. Just to give you an idea, my lips were flapping over half the ride, while my arms were tight against the side of my seat almost throughout the ride.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Zipper!

  1. literally i ws laughin…it ws so much fun readin this…n m sure u had a hell of a time ….u dint tell me u hd gone for all these….kahile gako ni???…newys…stay good n have fun…

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